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Beer Trails in Ithaca

The best way to experience Ithaca’s many craft breweries is through a tour organized by Finger Lakes Winery Tours. With comfortable, chauffeured vehicles and a knowledgeable guide by your side, you and your friends will get to enjoy local ales to your heart’s content. What’s more, you’ll have the freedom to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Book your guided beer trail tour today by calling (315) 828-6289. We can’t wait to hear from you.


A Brewery Tour Like No Other

Clients come to us for more than the wonderful upstate New York breweries. They contact us because they want a break from the fast-paced workday world. They want to explore the beautiful pastoral scenery of New York and taste the many beers the region has to offer.

With our luxurious vehicles, certified chauffeurs, and knowledgeable guides, you’ll enjoy wonderful beers while basking in the beauty of the countryside. What could possibly be better than that?

Book your tour today.

Brewery Trails for Nearly Two Decades

We have always had a great love for the Ithaca countryside and the community’s many creative entrepreneurs. It wasn’t until 2001 however, that we decided to put our fondness for the region to good use. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as the first choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties, company retreats, and romantic getaways.

The Many Microbreweries of the Region

There is no shortage of breweries to visit on your journey with us. From the Bandwagon Brew Pub to Horseheads Brewing, to the Ithaca Beer Company, you’ll have no trouble finding that perfect pint.

Our Guides Know Their Craft Beer

We’re trained in the art of hospitality, and our chauffeurs are first-rate, but that’s not all we have to offer you. We have an in-depth knowledge of the region’s many landmarks as well as the many breweries we visit. We’ll introduce you to food pairings, share fun facts and more.

A Brewery Tour from Certified Chauffeurs

As serious service providers, we’ve put time into training and educating ourselves in all things related to hospitality, local tourism, and motor transportation. Some of our certifications and affiliations include:

  • United Motorcoach Association
  • National Limousine Association
  • Transportation Safety Exchange
  • NYS and Federal DOT Certifications

Microbrewery Tours for Groups of All Sizes

Our extensive fleet of vehicles can accommodate intimate gatherings or large party-sized gatherings. All you need to do is let us know the size of your gathering, and we’ll accommodate you. Don’t worry, you’ll have our vehicles all to yourselves.

Ride the Ale Trail in Our Eco-Friendly Limos

We are committed to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the air. That’s why we track the emissions of our eco-friendly vehicles and invest in green projects proportionately.

Book Your Journey Along the Brewery Trail Today

With enthusiastic guides and no shortage of interesting beers to taste, you’ll be planning your second trip along the Ithaca beer trail before your first one even ends.

Book a day with our chauffeurs by calling (315) 828-6289. We can’t wait to hear from you!

  • American Bus Association
  • National Limousine Association
  • Transportation Safety Exchange
  • United Motorcoach Association
  • Best of the Finger Lakes