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What makes your service any different from the other limo companies out there?

We are a first, and foremost, a Wine Tour service. We plan and conduct wine tours every day of the year. Our extensive relationships with wineries throughout the Finger Lakes allow us to provide unique experiences that no other “limo” company can offer. The Wine Country is not only our specialty, it is our passion. We are also the first and only “green fleet” operator in the Finger Lakes. Protecting the environment and wine country is very dear to our hearts. We also calculate our fleet vehicle's emissions and invest proportionately in projects that sequester CO2 from the atmosphere - making our vehicles the cleanest on the road - even cleaner than the average CNG vehicles! We also invest to help provide habitats for wildlife, clean landfills, and develop locals parks and recreational spaces for people to enjoy.

Can I select the wineries we go to? Can you help us create the perfect tour?

Yes. That is one advantage of a private tour. Here are some things to consider: What kind of wine do you like? Any particular venue you would like to see? Vista? Small family owned? Tour of the facility? Barrel tasting? Food and wine pairing? The distances between wineries? All of these factors influence your itinerary. Feel free to call us, we are happy to help you create the ideal itinerary for your group. We can help you figure out the distances, the timing, the lunch venues and all the little details you might not be aware of. We will then send you some sample itineraries that you can follow directly or use as inspiration to customize your tour. Keep in mind, some wineries require appointments several weeks in advance, and we can not guarantee their availability. Most wineries allow “drop-in” tastings without an appointment as long as your group size is seven or less. If you have a larger group, or plan on visiting more exclusive wineries, then you must make an appointment with the wineries well in advance. As per many wineries requirements, we are not able to make the tasting reservation for you. You must call the wineries and set up your tasting appointment, but we can help you with the itinerary.

What are the best hours to plan our wine tour?

Most wineries tend to open at 10:00am. Closing times for wineries range from 4pm to 6pm, with most wineries closing at 5pm. Since most wineries get busier and busier in the afternoon, the most successful tours start at 10am and end around 4pm. These times work well.

Are tasting fees included?

No they are not. We work with hundreds of wineries, each with their own unique pricing and experiences, and the fact that each wine tasting tour is unique to each group, each tour will have different wine tasting fees. The Finger Lakes wineries have selected their best wines for our guests; usually 4-5 different wines at each stop. Couples can also share a glass if they wish. Further, most of the wineries will apply the fee as a credit when you purchase a bottle of wine or two. The wine tasting fees will be collected at each stop by the winery. Tasting fees are your responsibility and they typically range from $2 to $8 per person per winery.

How many wineries will we go to? 

The average tour is three to four winery stops.  This allows for a leisurely pace, taking in all the Finger Lakes has to offer. We do not recommend more than four wineries in one day, as “palate fatigue” will set in and the wines will all begin to taste the same.

How many wines will we taste?

Each winery is different but on average you taste 1 ounce of each wine they have to offer, Most wineries serve between 4 – 8 wines per flight. On the average tour you will imbibe approximately a bottle and a half of wine if you choose not to dump or spit. With that being said, we encourage you to have a good solid breakfast before the tour and recommend going easy the night before.

What are my options for lunch?

There are several lunch options. You can bring your own lunch along with you in the vehicle, along with snacks for the day. You can stop at one of the local delis and order lunch. If you call ahead and pay for your lunch with a credit card, your chauffeur can pick up your lunch while you are at a winery. Your chauffeur will know which wineries allow picnics. You can eat at one of the many great restaurants in the Finger Lakes.

What vehicles do you use?

All of our vehicles, exterior and interior, are shown on the website on the fleet page. We have a full range of vehicles from sedans to limo buses to full sized motor coaches. We can accommodate small and large groups.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We can accommodate all different sizes of groups. However, groups larger than 56 guests require us to use multiple vehicles and wineries may have special requirements accommodating larger size groups, so please give us a call if this is your need.

What are the rates?

When you are quoted by us we will give you all inclusive rates which include tax, base rate, gratuity and fuel. Although a base gratuity is included, your chauffeur would always welcome an additional gratuity if you feel his service was exceptional. Tasting fees are your responsibility and they typically range from $2 to $8 per person per winery.

How far in advance should I book my tour?

The earlier the better. If your preferred wine tour date is during a busy time of the year, or on a holiday or weekend, the sooner the better. Your best bet is to email us or call as soon as possible once you know your preferred wine tour date.

Where can we be picked up from?

We can pick you up anywhere you would like. We recommend for everyone in your group to meet at one or two pick up locations so your time is spent on the wine trail instead of pick ups and drop offs.

Can we eat and drink in the vehicle?

Of course you can. We want you to enjoy yourself in our vehicles.

We went on one of your tours before, can we do something different on our next trip?

You bet! We have many customers who visit the Finger Lakes wine country yearly, and they call upon us to provide them with another unique experience. With hundreds of wineries in the Finger Lakes, places to dine, and special events throughout the year, no Finger Lakes wine tour is ever the same.

Can children go on a private tour?

Yes. Wineries allow children and some even provide a special juice tasting for young guests to develop their grape palate.

Do you offer a half-day tour? 

There simply isn’t enough time in a half day to enjoy the broad range of the Finger Lakes.

Do you combine us with other people? 

We do not combine groups, you will have your own private tour. If you are interested in a combined group, please check out the only join-in tour in the Finger Lakes at

Can we bring pets on the tours?

Service dogs are allowed on tours.

Can we have a tour guide?

A tour guide is very helpful for large groups. Not only do they keep the group on schedule, they provide additional information about the area and answer guests questions.

What kind of clothing is appropriate for a tour?

We recommend dressing in layers, as the mornings can be chilly, and late afternoons can get very warm. Casual dress is best, with comfortable shoes. High heels are NOT recommended.

How many people can we bring?

It depends on the size of the vehicle you have chosen. You can bring as many people as there is capacity for in the vehicle. You can fill up the vehicle as long as everyone has a seat.

Do we have to buy wine?

You do not have to buy wine but etiquette suggests that you should consider purchases. One bottle per person per location makes the wineries happy. Wineries are in the business to sell wine. Look for discounts, wine clubs, and specials. Always remember, wine makes the perfect gift for a special occasion, anniversary, birthday present, special dinner guests, or your boss that loves good wine!

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check or credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX).

What is customary for driver gratuity?

The typical gratuity is 20%, but we leave it at the customer’s discretion.

What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation fee is usually on a sliding scale. Meaning the closer you come to the date the more of a fee you would incur if you had to cancel. (does not apply to all trips, please review your contract!)

Are the wineries open during the winter?

Yes! Wineries are open year round and we conduct wine tours year round. The summer and fall months tend to be the busier seasons. The cooler, winter months tend to be quieter. One of the Finger Lake’s best kept secret is the winter is the best time to visit for people who are focused on the wine, learning about the wine, meeting the people that have made wine or grown grapes most of their life.

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